About us

Rang Rajasthan is a first-ever Rajasthani Language Based Theater Festival showcasing Rajasthani plays, Rajasthani folk performances, International Theater, Rajasthani Director Talk shows, Rajasthani Celebrity Seminars, Rajasthani Art Competition and many more things. It provides a platform where local theatre thespians & Folk artists work with internationally& nationally acclaimed director & witnesses the works.


  • Rang Rajasthan is a first ever Rajasthani language based culture and folk festival.
  • Providing a status to the Rajasthani language in the Indian Constitution
  • To teach our new generation about Rajasthan rich history, to get them acquainted with the Rajasthani language and rich folk culture.
  • To share Rajasthani language through the theater at National and International Level.
  • Invite people across borders to share their culture with us, and let them aware of our rich Rajasthani culture and language.
  • To revive the dying Folk Art forms of Rajasthan.