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Rang Chaupal



Theatre is not just about creating and watching a performance but it's also about interaction, learning and discussion.

Considering that, Rang Rajasthan also includes its phenomenal talk series on theatre, its functionality and art called 'Rang Chaupal'. This is a platform for artists and audience to interact with and learn from experienced artists, actors, directors from the fields of art, music, theatre and lms. It provides a space for people to gain insights on various aspects of performances, theatre, art and their impact in our lives. It is also an opportunity for people to learn from the maestros and their personal and professional experience in the field.


The festival has had various experts and professionals from theatre, arts and Bollywood from Rajasthan and from across the country in all its editions.

In 2022, we got the opportunity to have Piyush Mishra, Mukesh Chabbra and Mahesh Shetty as our talk show guests. It was a great experience and learning for the young audience who aspire to build their career in the field of theatre, filmmaking and music. The talk series also had experienced theatre professionals from Rajasthan and India as the speakers. The talk series included sessions on topics including Role of Theatre in Casting, Limitlessness of Theatre, Necessity of Criticism in Theatre, Natyashastra and its importance, How to regenerate Folk Theatre of Rajasthan, Women Directors of Rajasthan and Achievements from Art Festivals of Rajasthan.

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