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Stories have always been an integral part of our society and lives. We all have grown up listening to moral stories, bedtime stories, and folk stories. Stories contribute to our values and learning.


The practice of telling stories and folklore is quite signicant in Rajasthani culture. This tradition of storytelling in Rajasthan roots back to the villages where the storyteller would narrate a story and the listeners would listen while they sat under a tree. The idea was not just to share experiences but to also pass down the traditional values and cultural knowledge across generations. This tradition lost its value over the time with increasing development and modernization.


Rang Rajasthan decided to restore and foster this age old tradition of Rajasthani folk storytelling by including storytelling session during the festival called 'Rang Gatha’ -the colourful affair of storytelling. This session was included for the first time in this festival in the last season which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.


In the upcoming season we are looking forward to including Folk storytellers from Rajasthan and across India with the hope of keeping the traditions alive.

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