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Theatre is a great learning process which allows an individual to observe, analyse, explore and experience scenarios and emotions. It teaches a way of living where people can learn to empathise with others, understand their needs and explore different perspectives.

It is an art which challenges multiple senses. It helps in enhancing the focus of mind, body tness and voice quality. Theatre is useful in improving verbal and non-verbal communication, expressions, word articulation, language uency and concentration.

Rang Mastaaney organizes theatre workshops 'Rang Karyashaala' on regular basis to train individuals in theatrics, use of mind, body and voice, speech, action and other skills which are essential for the process of designing a play. These workshops culminate into a nal play production.

Rang Karyashaala - the masterclasses have become a signicant part of the festival pertaining to the idea of helping young and aspiring theatre students and artists learn the art of theatre, its functionality and its inuence in our lives.

The masterclasses have been included in this festival with the idea of brining the knowledge and experience of the eld experts for young and aspiring theatre enthusiasts, which can help them prepare for the world of art and theatre.

In 2023 the festival will include masterclasses by experts including Abhishek Majumdar, Ajeet Singh Palawat, Sartaj Narain Mathur, Saatvika Kantamneni , Aakarsh Khurana and Vijay Kinkire.

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